Daily at The Homestead


Upcoming Gigs

October 4th

MT Blues
Traditional 1930's style delta blues played on vintage resophonic guitars, cigar box guitars and lap steel

October 5th

Might Horse & Roostar‚Äč
Two of Melbourne's finest roots and alt folk outlaws on the run in Tasmania

October 6th

Baba Bruja
Hobart's very own 12 piece all original astral travelling Afrobeat Orchestra

October 12th

Jaron Freeman-Fox
Canadian global progfolk. Jaron Freeman-Fox redefines what his instrument is capable of, and gives the listener no choice but to take his unique refraction of world music into it's own terms.
October 13th
Local Hobartians
October 19th
Yesterday's Gentlemen
A brown-suit-crumpled-hat-and-stained-tie quartet inspired by jazz and blues gentlemen from yesteryear. Jump, swing or sit back and soak it up. These are some cool cats on stage.